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WHDVRs and DVRs for SureWest Digital TV Service - (18247)

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Activation Code | IR Codes for STBs | Resources


  • WHDVR Plus and WHDVR (Whole Home Digital Video Recorder)
  • DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) and PVRs (Personal Video Recorders) are the same thing.
  • HD = high definition
  • SD = standard definition


We offer technical support for WHDVRs and DVRs leased from SureWest.

We do not offer technical support for DVRs that are NOT leased from SureWest. However, we can give you some basic setup information, direct you to the manufacturer's website, or provide you with the manufacturer's contact number.


Use the table below to determine DVR compatibility with SureWest digital TV service.

SureWest Advanced Digital TV WHDVR Plus, WHDVR, and the Set-top Box (Motorola VIP 1232/1216/1200) The SureWest Advanced Digital TV WHDVR Plus and WHDVR (Motorola VIP 1232/1216) has a built-in HD/SD set-top box.
SureWest DVR
The SureWest DVR (ADB-5810WX) has a built-in HD/SD set-top box.


SD Set-Top Box

HD/SD Set-Top Box
HD/SD Set-Top Box
TiVo Series 3
Not compatible
Not compatible
Not compatible
TiVo Series 2
Compatible, but records in standard definition only
Use IR database 177.
TiVo Series 1


Use IR database 177.

ReplayTV - 5000 series and up


Use IR code 1265 for Siemens STB.

WinTV PVRs and similar computer equipment

Try IR code 1265 for Siemens STB.

(If this doesn't work, contact your PVR manufacturer to request that support for the AmiNET set-top box be added.)

  • Other manufacturers' DVRs (Sony, Philips, etc) will also work if they have the TiVo Series 2 software.

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Activation Code (TiVo Service Number)

Your 15-digit TiVo service number is required for activation through TiVo. The TiVo service number can be found at any of the following locations:

  • On the box:
    On the side of the TiVo shipping box, at the bottom of the label

  • On the back of your TiVo DVR

  • Onscreen:
    TiVo Central>Read New Messages & Setting> Account & System Information>System Information

See TiVo's website for details.

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IR Codes for Set-Top Boxes

These codes are used to get the DVR and STB to communicate.

TiVo AmiNET 10071 Medium
ReplayTV AmiNET Use 1265 for Siemens STB.

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Resources for DVRs leased from SureWest

For technical support of WHDVRs and DVRs leased from SureWest, call us at 1-866-SUREWEST (1-866-787-3937).

Resources for DVRs not leased from SureWest

For technical support of DVRs not leased from SureWest, refer to the manufacturer's User Guide or the following contact information.

Contact Information
Phone Number
877-367-8486 (toll free)
Phone Number
800-933-5899 (toll free)

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