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My CCI - Login Help - (58729)

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General Information

Anyone can access My CCI . As a valued customer, we recommend you log in so you can enjoy all the benefits of My CCI.

Note: If you are you are accessing My CCI for the first time, you will need to create an account. For more information on creating an account, go to the Create Account instructions.

My CCI Log In Steps

The following are general instructions to get you to the login screen. Follow the prompts and the system will guide you through the process.

  1. Open your web browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and navigate to the My CCI homepage located at
  2. Click the the Log In link on the My CCI homepage.

  4. Enter your Username and Password and click the Log In button. Your username is your CCI email address or your established primary email address (may be the same as your CCI email address).

  5. Note:
    • Your password must be at least seven (7) characters long and contain at least two (2) of the following: uppercase, numbers, and/or symbols.
    • After five (5) failed attempts to log in, you will be locked out of the account for 10 minutes before you can try again.
    • Forgot password and reset password functionality is available and the system will guide you through the process.
    • You may be prompted to set up security questions and set a primary email address and password.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions and click Submit.

If you are still having problems logging in, click HERE to contact us.

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